5 ways to get visual

In a previous post, I talked about how visualizing your ideas can improve the memorability of your communication. Here are 5 tools to help you easily create some interesting visualizations.

1. Wood Camera

This is an iPhone app. The graphic I've posted is a Microsoft Word document on my laptop that I shot with my iPhone through Wood Camera and then cropped and filtered.

2. Word Swag

This is another iPhone app that lets you add stylized text over your photos. The options help you turn out some cool results even if you don't have a lick of design sense.

3. Over

Over is another iPhone app that lets you stylize type as well. It gives you great options and makes it easy. I go back and forth between it and WordSwag. It's great to have both in your toolbox.

4. weavesilk.com

Silk is an interesting interactive tool that allows you to create ethereal graphics. Visit the site and play with the interface. It's infectious creating the flowing shapes. Silk is just one example of the many web-based tools out there that there that you can tap into to create some pretty interesting visualizations.

5. Paper

Paper is an illustration app for the iPad. The pens and brushes allow you create cool illustrated looks. The app helps you create a unique executions that stand out among the mass of photo manipulation options out there.