5 Unchanging Qualities of Quality Writing

Technology has spurred rapid change. New channels and outlets for content pop up on a regular basis. It’s a challenge to keep up and tough to know where to focus your efforts at times. Among this ever-shifting landscape, one thing remains constant – the qualities that define how you craft written content. Here are 5 of those qualities:

1. It is trustworthy

You cite solid sources. You link to experts in the field. You make it easy for your reader to validate the information you are sharing. These are reputable, journalistic practices that ensure your content is credible.

2. It is relevant

Your content finds common ground with your readers. It feels like a personal conversation. Like a friend sharing ideas that connect with you.

3. It is useful

Your content helps your reader address a challenge or take advantage of an opportunity. It’s not about you demonstrating how brilliant you are. Rather, it totally focuses on how you might help the person engaging with your content.

4. It is insightful

Your content connects the dots. It goes beyond listing the obvious, to revealing something new or interesting that can have a meaningful impact in the lives of your readers.

5. It is easy to engage

Your content is presented in a way that is easy for your reader to digest. The style is conversational. The presentation does not overwhelm the reader. It is completely focused on making it easy for your audience to spend time with you.