4 must-read articles on mobile user experience

The future is mobile. And it requires a way of thinking that is different than the way you approach the other digital channels. Here are four articles posted recently that help ensure you're doing everything you can to make the mobile experience as powerful as it can be.

The difference between smartphones and tablets

We have to stop calling tablets "mobile". This is a great article highlighting the differences in the way users engage with different devices.

10 stats that highlight the challenges of mobile advertising

Forty percent of mobile ad clicks are fraud or accidents. This article details the challenges facing digital advertising.

What you need to know about native advertising

Native advertising positions ads as part of the content. It works best when the ads offer relevant and useful content. This article gives you the low down.

More evidence that mobile ads struggle

The mobile experience is very different from other digital experiences. This article illustrates why you can't use one marketing strategy across all digital devices.