The most meaningful thing your brand can do

We have so much that we need to say to our prospects. We need to tell them about all our features. We need to tell them about the functionality that we deliver. Maybe there’s a special manufacturing process. Or there’s the customer service. And more.

When we're occupied with this way of thinking, one of two things happens:

  1. We detail a different selling point in each communication. This helps us feel like we’re covering everything. But for those we’re hoping to engage, it becomes a confusing cacophony. They don’t know where to focus because we’re not focused. So they just move on.

  2. We try to explain the secret sauce we create when we combine all the features and functionality. This forces us to try and simplify things for our prospects. But, more often than not, our explanation becomes so generic that it loses all impact.

Creating meaning for those your brand hopes to engage

The problem isn’t with what you’re trying to talk about.  The problem is with who you are talking about.

To avoid the problems I described above, we need to shift the focus from what we offer or how we offer it to how we're helping those we hope to engage.

When this becomes our focus, what we have to say becomes more meaningful. Because we are talking about helping them address their challenge. Or better yet, pursue their aspiration.

It's no longer about what we want to say. It's about what they want to hear. It may feel a little uneasy at first. After all, the old let-me-tell-you-about-me approach has been the default for years. But the shift is well worth it. In fact, it may be the most meaningful thing your brand can do.