5 mustn’t miss posts on pursuing a brand purpose

We are homing in on what constitutes a purpose-driven brand. We’re starting to understand people’s expectations. And we’re learning from the missteps of organizations. These 5 posts from the previous month provide insightful guidance for our journey toward purpose.

  • Why People — and Companies — Need Purpose - Interesting interview featured on the Harvard Business Review Ideacast podcast. Key thought: embracing a purpose is the radical act of connecting our souls with our roles.

  • Brand is more than meets the eye - TechCrunch's post that attempts to demystify design shows why purpose is so valuable. Key insight: a brand-led company is a company with clarity of purpose; a deep understanding of why it exists and why people should care.

  • Brand purpose without activation is just B.S. - Good thoughts on the need for a movement strategy to bring your purpose to life. Key insight: too often a brand’s purpose ends up dormant, sitting in a PowerPoint somewhere or a plaque on the CMOs wall, but never really acted upon in a meaningful way.

  • Why Purpose Is The New Competitive Advantage - A post on forbes.com that looks at how purpose address the new standards consumers have set. Key insight: for companies today, price, quality and customer experience are table stakes. Consumers are increasingly making purchase decisions based on what a brand stands for.

  • 5 Words That Will Make Your Brand Irresistible - Examining the need to look outside of ourselves if we are going to truly embrace a purpose. Key insight: the promise must help them understand the difference your brand will make. In their lives. In their communities. Maybe even the world. You score extra points if your promise shows them how they can be part of making a difference for others by embracing your brand (this is your Big Audacious Meaning).