Brand ninja tip: stop talking about your brand.

You want people to know about your brand. You want them to love your brand. And yet here you are being told that the first thing you should do is stop talking about your brand. It seems counterintuitive. And that’s why it’s such a ninja move.

Nobody cares about your brand.

Harsh, right? Sometimes we need to say this out loud to shake us loose a bit. The point is, people are busy with their own lives. If they aren’t consumed by their own challenges, they want to think about their own dreams and aspirations. They don’t want to think about your brand. Unless, it helps them address those challenges or helps them work toward those aspirations. Even then, they want it to be less about your brand and more about their lives.


How to talk about your brand without talking about your brand.

Huh? So how do you pull off that? Well, as I said, it’s a ninja move.

Actually, it’s a simple idea. Rather than constantly blasting everyone with what your brand does, talk about what your brand does for those you hope to serve. Talk about their lives. Talk about what you can help them do. As it has been said, people don't buy your brand – they buy what your brand helps them become.

When you make this shift, it shows everyone how your brand is relevant to their lives. More importantly, it demonstrates to them that you put their needs, wants, and desires ahead of your own.

Brands that understand this build trust faster. They create advocates and evangelists. And they give those they serve an irresistible story. A story they will willingly share. Because it is about their lives. And it is unexpected in its selflessness.

This causes something magical to happen when you put it into practice. You discover that you don’t have to talk about your brand. Because those you are serving will do it for you.