Here's where the story gets good.

There is a moment when a story changes. It is an inflection point where something revelatory is introduced. And it causes us to lean in. Because we can't wait to hear what happens next.

This is exactly what occurs when we introduce a Big Audacious Meaning into our brand story. It's like saying, "Here's where the story gets good."


The good the story gains

A Big Audacious Meaning – or purpose – empowers the brand to embrace the good that it can do. It clarifies the difference it can make in a life, a community, or even the world. This good that the brand now champions becomes transformative. It differentiates, elevates, and accelerates the organization by helping it realize the potential of doing well by doing good.

The story becomes irresistible

With a Big Audacious Meaning, the brand story becomes magnetic. Because it begins to embody something that we all find irresistible. That is the ability to make a difference for those around us.

We all want our days and our efforts to have meaning. When a brand taps into this aspiration in a genuine fashion, it connects deeply with us. We become fans and advocates. And even evangelists. In short, A Big Audacious Meaning helps the brand story become irresistible.

Every brand has a story. Some may choose not to work on that story. Some may be satisfied with something serviceable. Then there are others that see a greater possibility. If that's you, then lean into your Big Audacious Meaning. Because the story is about to get good.