This invisible guide supercharges your brand story

"Why do I need purpose when all my customers want to know about is our features and price?"

Not every conversation you have with a prospect will include language about the life-changing aim of your brand. For example, I have salespeople who say to me, "Sometimes I just need to give them the details about our product/service/offering." I completely get that. It's the part of the customer journey when your prospect is interested in hearing facts. But too many organizations focus solely on this part of the journey (most likely because it is a time when the prospect is reaching out and asking for more information). This leads to the false assumption that it's just about the product features.

Your larger story that grows out of your Big Audacious Meaning is way more powerful than any description of features. That doesn't mean that you have to disrupt the flow of this part of the sales discussion to shoehorn your purpose statement in. If you've already clarified your purpose, it will be working behind the scenes.


The power of what goes unspoken

As I said, not every conversation will have language in it about your Big Audacious Meaning. But every conversation has the potential to be transformed by your purpose. When I take organizations through the Thrust Story Framework, the power of their Big Audacious Meaning becomes evident because everything you do ladders up to that purpose you have embraced. Start with purpose and it will change how you think about everything – that includes how you speak about your offering.  Its power will be felt throughout your verbal brand - even if you never mention your Big Audacious Meaning.

Furthermore, it will become that unifying element that helps keep your language consistent. And it will become the touchstone that helps all team members evaluate the brand language they use, ensuring it is as compelling and inspiring as it can be.

Having a purpose - or Big Audacious Meaning - makes a brand exceptional. It transforms the conversation you have with those you hope to serve. Even when it never enters the conversation.