Let’s get all sticky up in here

This is a request for all organizations. No, I take that back. it’s a plea.

Please. Please. Tell more great stories.

Look, we’re all assaulted with an insane amount of information. It doesn’t stop. The vast majority of it is from organizations wanting to explain to us why they logically should be part of our lives. They give us the facts and figures. Stuff that none of us are going to remember. There are plenty of studies that prove this. Yet organizations continue, with increasing volume, to pummel us with stuff that goes in one ear and out the other.

We want to feel something. We want to laugh. We want to be so inspired that we get goosebumps. We want to be fired up by an idea that stirs a passion.

Organizations miss this. They want their message to stick with us. Yet the messages they give us are packed with the monumentally forgettable. Nobody wins in this scenario. And it is scary how rampant it is.


Getting sticky

People don’t hate advertising. They hate bad advertising. Bad advertising isn’t only that late night TV commercial for male enhancement supplements. It is any effort that is too lazy to develop a story our prospects will care about.

Telling us about your list of features is not a story. Let’s go back up to what I mentioned before. Does it make us laugh? Does it cause goosebumps? Does it inspire us? If we want our message to stick, we have to figure out how it can do these things. We have to recognize what people desire. Then deliver something relevant to our brand, meaningful to our prospects, and incredibly engaging to those we hope to serve.

If we do this, we'll create messages that take stickiness to unprecedented levels. Gorilla Glue will be calling for our formula. They'll have to invent a new word for it. Stickinificent?

Let's start the sticky revolution.